Eduard Fontana


Eduard Fontana is an actor from Barcelona who, from an early age, felt absolutely in love with the world of theatre and cinema.
In his academic years he was able to train in various schools where he acquired tenacity, commitment, creativity and awareness of his body.
This body awareness led him to take dance courses in order to keep in shape and leave his more intellectual side behind.
In terms of voice, he has also trained in the world of dubbing, as it is an aspect of the world of acting that brings richness and variety to his work.
Enthusiasm and the desire to improve himself are some of the characteristics that most define this actor. Also the fact that he steps out of his comfort zone every time he takes on a role.
His curiosity about the things that surround him has also allowed him to get to know himself and to be able to bring that experience to the characters he has played.
Cinema and art are essential in his daily life and thanks to them he has been able to shape his imagination and his creative skills to be able to face projects with more ease and confidence.

ALTURA 1.90 | CAMISA 42/44 | AMERICANA 56/58 | PANTALON 44 | CALZADO 46 | OJOS Marrones | CABELLO Castaño


2023 “Estimat”. Dir. Gemma Batlle Gironès. Short film. Main character.

2022 “Un novio para mi mujer”. Dir. Laura Mañá. Arcadia Motion Picture. Film. Secondary character.

2021 Voces rotas. Dir. Héctor Fáver. Segarra Films. Film. Main character.

2019 Boi”. Dir. Jorge M. Fontana. Aquí y Allí Films. Film. Secondary character.

2018 A la tardor ni fred ni calor. Dir. Marc Vadi. ESCAC Films/ Short Film. Main character.

2018 Alma”. Dir. Ana Millán. ESCAC FILMS/ Short Film. Secondary character.

2017 “Stategram. Dir. Josep Selgar. ESCAC Films/ Short Film. Main character.

2017 Por mal camino. Dir. Tomàs Bayo. ESCAC Films/ Short Film. Secondary character.

2017 Serotonin”. Dir. Nadia Elgabu. Blanquerna/ pilot Web Series. Main character.

2015 Dual. Dir. Pol Renom. Bande Aparte/Short Film. Main character.

2015 El hombre que vino de Atlantis. Dir. Álvaro González. ESCAC Films/ Short Film. Main character.

2014 Foster Gumble”. Dir. Sara Nieto. ECIB. Secondary character.

2012 Sleepers”. Dir. Mario Sanchez. ESCAC Films/ Short Film. Main character.


2022 “Eric”. Dir. Josep Sarrate. Microtheater Barcelona. “Eric”

2019 Els dos grisos. Dir. Pau Escobar. Microtheater Barcelona. Eloi

2019 “Cabaret Bohemio”. Dir. Iván Morales. Actor’s Study by Laura Jou. Almeria Theater. “Rabanne”

2018 Wasted”. Dir. Iván Morales. Microtheater Barcelona. Dani”

2018  Western amb Xinos. Dir. Iván Morales. Actor’s Study by Laura Jou. La Gleva Theater. Dani”    

2017 Encontrar la madriguera. Dir. Jorge Yanam. Estudi Laura Jou. Almeria Theater. Norman”

2015 Ja descansaré quan sigui mort. Dir. Jordi Prat i Coll. End of grade project. Ex-convict”        


2022 “La deriva dels continents”. Author: Gerard Guix. Audiobook. Relats Estudi.


2022 Couching Self-Service. Acting training with Marc Martinez.

2022 Acting training with Joan Amargós, Actor’s Study by Laura Jou.

2021 Graduated in dubbing at the EDB, Barcelona Dubbing School.

2020 “Riure del Poder” Workshop by Iván Morales in Sala Beckett.

2017/2019 Training Actor’s Study by Laura Jou.

2012/2016 Graduated in Performing Arts at thelia School.

2017 Actor’s course in front of the camera with Esteve Rovira at Nancy Tuñón School.

2017 Acting English course with Lucy Lenox at The Frankenstein Studio School.

2018 Acting English Beckett course with Yasen Peyankov at The lia School.


Catalan and Spanish: Native

.English: Advanced

French: Intermediate


Driving License B1.