Ellen Gould Ventura


Ellen Gould Ventura – This versatile singer-actor has been performing since childhood and making her contribution to the worlds of international music, theatre, television, film, voice over work on adverts and corporate videos.

In 2004 she co-founded the Sephardic Mizrahi World music Quintet, Mashalá! in Barcelona with whom she has toured extensively. The world renowned quintet have been active in the Diaspora Music festival scene appearing in concerts and the media in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and in Cultural Festivals in Paris, Toronto, Vancouver and New York.

Their 1-hour tv documentary, Mashalá, (by Salaam Shalom Productions – India/Canada) was screened around North America, Israel and in Spain.

Most recently, Gould has also appeared on Moviestar´s Co-Production/mini-Series, ¨En el Corredor de la Muerte¨ added to other tv series in North America over the years.

ALTURA 170 | PECHO 92 | CINTURA 74 | CADERA 108 | TALLA ROPA 38-40 | AMERICANA 40 |  CALZADO 41 | OJOS Verdes | CABELLO Negro


Paula!                                                                  Principal                                Independent Short film, Director: Serafina Ventura (Spain)   

En el Corredor de la Muerte                         Actor (1 Episode)                Bambu Productions/Film Affinity / Moviestar;  (España)

Mashalá!                                                             Principal                               VisionTV-Telefilm Canada-SalaamShalom Prods. (ESP/Can.)

(Docu 45 mins. on E.G.Ventura the group Mashalá)

Film festivals, (Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Ashkelon, Israel)

La Sonora w- Orchestra.Cordes de Mon      Singer/Interview guest       TV3,La Sonora, Mus Etnologic/Taller de Musics (ESP)

Mashalá!                                                              Principal                                VisionTV-Telefilm Can.-SalaamShalom Prods. (Spain/Can.)

Docu 45 mins. Sobre E.G.Ventura y el grupo Mashalá

Rodasons ; Els Nous Catalans                      Interview guest                    Canal 33, TVE (Barcelona, SP)

Rai Barba Interviews Barcelona Television, Barcelona, SP

Final Warning                                                   Principal                               Lalonde and Lalonde/A. Hearden (Toronto, Canadà)

TVO Kids Xmas Broadcast                           Singer                                    TV Ontario/Adrian Mills (Toronto, Canadà)

Studio 2 w/Steve Paikin                                   Principal                                TV Ontario/Doug Grant (Toronto, Canadà)

The Fairy Who Didn’t Want To Be

A Fairy Anymore                                             Principal                                Centre. for Advanced Film Studies/L., Lynd* ( » ) Canadà

Last Wish                                                           Dance Instructor                 ABC Movie of the Week/J. Bleckner (USA)

Kids In The Hall (2 episodes)                        Actor                                     CBC/Broadway Video (USA/Canadà)

Murmurs                                                            Actor                                     Quantum Productions (Canadà)

For The Record                                                Actor                                     CBC/Martin Lavut ( » )

High Notes                                                         Choral Singer                       TV Ontario/Ted Regan ( » )

Liam                                                                    Principal                               Paul Fox Productions/P. Fox ( » )


* child actor, secondary parts and tv interviews, Variety TV: 1969 – 1980: CBC, TVO, Global TV, Canada


Seven Variations of Margarita Weinberg      Sister Character – Singer                  Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca BonneMaison(SP)

Autorretrato En Azul                                         Singer – Director – Writer                  Convent Sant Agustí(CSA – GREC 2001 – 2002)(SP)

Self Portrait In Blue                                           Principal Actor – Singer – Writer     Music Gallery (Canada)

Fed By Faeries***                                             Rosa (&singer)                                    Nightwood Theatre /A. Palmer (Canada)

Kumbaya                                                            Feaured Singer, Live Variety           Ontario Place, Director: Molly Johnson, Toronto (Canada)

Rose                                                                      Liz/Singer Dancer “LaCreams”      Canadian Stage Co./Tomson Highway/Larry Lewis

Get Tight w. John Alcorn                                 Featured Singer                                   Theatre Passe Muraille/ J. Alcorn (Canada)

Liebe Lenya**                                                   Young Lotte, Principal                      Factory Theatre/ Dir. K. Albertson

The Canadian Express                                      Elenka (Ensemble)                             Theatre In The Rough/A. Harris ( » )

Ain’t Misbehavin’                                               Charlene (Principal & Ensemble)   Bellavista Theatre/S. Jackson (Canada)

Meet The Children                                             Varias – Actriz/Intérprete                 Theatre In The Rough/A. Harris (Canada)

The Seagull                                                         Arkadina                                              U.C. Playhouse/M. Mumford ( » )

Hamlet Machine                                                 Various/Dancer                                   U.C. Playhouse/D. Cave/C. May ( » )

Tango                                                                   Abuela (Principal)                              U.C. Playhouse/ Colin Taylor/Mroczek

Memories Of My Brother                                 Various (Actor)                                   Harbourfront Studio Theatre, (¨)


* “Genie”(Best Picture, Short Film category, Canada;  

** Nomination, Theatre Award, ¨Dora Mavor Moore Awards  (Canada), Mid-size Music-Theatre Category

Selected Voice Over: Films, Series, Documentaries (TV, Digital Media, Cinema) :

Bonaire: Pride of the Dutch Caribbean Narrator Jurrien Wiss Productions,
The Flying Bear Various roles BadiBadi Producer:  Spain/Poland
Forgotten Christmas Various roles FilmAffinity: Spain & Norway
Oncology Films 131 short 3D films Omega Z Prods. (ESP), Mount Sinai Hospital (USA 2017)
Our Oceans Narrator (Spot and 8 short films) True Day Films, (ESP)(European Commission, 2017
Miracle in Lourdes Nuns (various) Audioprojects
Loopdidoo Gwendolyne (seasons. 3, 4, 5) Blue Spirit (France). Audioprojects (ESP)(2016)(currently
Gaia: The Big Mother Narrator Institut Geologic/Cartografic de Catalunya (feature doc)
Una Ma de Contes/A Handful of Stories Narrator (& singing voices) Catalunya Television, (Canal 33, English)
The Returned Various Filmax (Spain/Canada)Deluxe Studio 103
Mama Various Toma 78 (Spain/Argentina/Canada)
Snowflake (The white Gorilla) Mother Filmax (Spain)
Bakhita Various G. Caciotti (Italia, CineCitta)&Audioprojects, Spain
Noemi Mother CBC/Audioprojects (Canada/Spain)
Hiroku Various O.E.K. Prods. (Spain/Japan)
Escape Hockey The Governor (Episode 2) Enne Ent. Studios, (Spain)
Paintball Voice-in-off, (Walkie Talkie) Filmax, Dir. Daniel Benmayor (Spain)
Diario de una Nimfómana Cristina (voice, Angela Molina) Filmax/Canonigo Films (Eng. vers)
The Man who Unfolded 1000 Hearts Mother & Daughter (varias) MediaPro, Spain – Documentary 2008
Reflections Various Drim Tim, Spain
Colors Narrator Catalunya Television, Spain
Ordinary Boys Singer (Fairy,SoundTrack) Alea Docs/Films, (Spain/Morrocco)
Perez, (The Hairy Toothfairy 1 & 2)**** MaryLou (Feature)                 Filmax, España-Argentina (Spain/Argentina)
The Borgias Mother (Voice, Angela Molina) TV España, Spain
The Room Mother (Principal) Tele5, (ESP) (National TV, Spain)
A Handful of Stories Narrator (4 stories) Catalunya Television, (Canal 33, English)
ToysRUs Child AudioClip, (Spain)
Metal Ages Scylla (Episodes) Again Studios (Spain)
Nocturna (Llarg. metratge) Various Filmmax (Spain)
Donkey Xote (feature animation) Narrator Filmmax (Spain)
Il Compagno Americano (E.V) 2 Seamstresses CineCittá, Italia Audio Projects Spain/Italy
Goomer (Animated tv series) 8 Characters Filmmax Productions, (Spain)
2020 (Animated tv series) 6 Characters Neptune Films, (Spain)
Legend of the Unicorn Various Audioprojects, Spain
Blood Circus (CD) Various Blood Circus Productions, (Spain)
He Shoots, He Scores (Series) Reporter (The Journalist) CBC, Montreal (Canada/Francia)
Pearl Mad (Short.) Narrator Martiros Productions/A.Martiros (Canadá)
Windows 95 (Microsoft Works) Narrator/Various I.Q. Interactive, (Canadá)
Cats Eyes and Star Stones (Indus.) Narrator Royal Ontario Museum (Canadá)
JVC (Ind. Video) Various The Partners Film Co. (Canadá)
McDonalds (Aununci Ràdio) Narrator/Musical Arrangement Vickers & Benson (Canadá)
Dairy Board of Canada Singer/Musical Arrangement Vickers & Benson (Canadá)

 *** Radio and Televisión ads; Jingles, Cine/Videos/ Industrials – International

**** El Ratoncito De Tus Sueños1/Perez, The Hairy Toothfairy, “ Goya”award 2006, SPAIN:Goya, Best feature length animation

Lead Singer/Director of Barcelona quintet, Mashalá (since 2004)

Selected Concerts/Festivals & Performances as (Sephardic/Mizrahi World Music :

  • L’olivera i l’ametller: de terra comuna – Concert, Casa Adret Barcelona, Nov. 28. 2021
  • Ecos de Sefarad – Concert, Casa Adret Barcelona, Juliol 3. 2021
  • Salaam Shalom Parlament – Event & Concert, CCCB Barcelona, January 2019
  • City of Lleida, Concert Tres Culturas, Gothic Quarter Primière –, Lleida, Spain, September 2018
  • Museu Frederic Marès, Barcelona – Concert for inter-relgious Dialogue and Peace, July 2018
  • Museu de Les Cultures del Mon – ¨Sherpa Sonor – Concert in duo – Junio 2017&2018
  • Limud Barcelona – Concert – June 2014
  • Festival des Cultures Juives – 2 Concerts and Conference, L´Université d´ÉtÉ Judeo-Espagnole, Aki Estamos Association Paris, Francia June – July 2013
  • International Diasporic Film Festival – Presentation and Screening, Mashalá! Docu, Toronto, Nov. 2012
  • Australian Sephardic Association – Concert, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona (Hotel Inglaterra), BCN 26 Oct. 2010; May 2011 & 2012
  • Memorial to President Malam Bacai Sanha – Concert w/Cordes Del Mon World Music Orchestra and invited guests, Ajuntament Barcelona, 8-3-2012
  • Sabadell Jazz i Mon – Concert, Auditori, Sabadell (Barcelona) – Feb. 15, 2012
  • Festival of Sephardic Music – Concert, Plaça dels Jueus, Besalu (Gerona), SPAIN, 6-3-2011
  • El Olivo y el Almendro de Tierra Común– Concert w/invited guests, Café Llibreria Context, Girona, 30-1-2011
  • International Holocaust Rememberance Day – Concert, Plaça del Rei, guest artists, Barcelona 27-1-2011
  • Ravaleja! – Concierto with the Liceu Jazz Orchestra Conservatory and special guest artists, Rambla del Raval, Barcelona 12/11/2010
  • World Music Celebration – Concert, Pyrenees, (France), 3 de july, 2010
  • XIVth Sephardic Film Festival – Documentary Mashalá, American Sephardi Federation, New York, 7 de Feb. 2010
  • World Music Concert Series – Concert, Casa Rellotge Civic Centre, Zona Franca, Barcelona, 6 de Nov., 2009
  • Vancouver Jewish Film Festival – Screening of the documentary “Mashalá”, Octubre 2009 (Vancouver, Canada)
  • World Music Festival – Concert, Casa Elizalde, Patio Interior, Barcelona, 19 de Junio
  • Xabia Folk/Xabia Jazz – Concert in duo. 2 de Mayo, Xabia (Alicante)
  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival – Screening of the Documentary, Mashala, Abril 2009 (Toronto, Canada)
  • Balkans World Music Festival: Impromptu performance, Imagine Bar, 21 Nov. 2008 (Tirana, Albania)
  • Arberia-Sefarad: En el Espejo del Otro – Concert, National Theatre of Opera/Ballet, 20 de Nov. 2008 (Tirana, Albania)
  • Mashalá! – One hour documentary, VisionTV, October 3rd, 6th 2008 – Across Canada. VisionTV, Salaam Shalom, Telefilm Canada
  • “Solo Con Ellas” – Concierto, Cadiz, Santa Catalina Castle, July 18, 2008 (Spain)
  • Live Concert/Shoot – Mashalá! Live in Concert, Music Special Shoot, (Salaam Shalom prods.) La Llotja, Barcelona
  • Festival and Fair of Live Music – Concert, ¨Mercat de Vic,¨ Main Square September 15, 2007, Vic (Barcelona)
  • Music Below the Palm Trees World Music Festival – Concert, Ateneu Patio, September 14, 2007, Barcelona
  • VII Festival of Three Religions – Concert, Covarrubias, San Pedro Mártir, Toledo
  • Festival of Traditional Music at the Castle – Concert, Denia Castle, 3 August, 2007, Denia (Alicante)
  • Festival Internacional de Musica Sefardi (Festival of Sefardi Music) – Concert, 22nd June, 2007, Córdoba
  • Arrels d’ Arreu (Roots from Everywhere) Festival – Concert, Sala Planeta Theatre, 29, May, 2007 Girona (Barcelona)
  • Festival of Ancient Music (Judeo-Spanish Section) – Concert, May 13, 2007 – Jaen (Location, T.B.A.)
  • Bilbao Ars Sacro (Sacred Music Festival)¨Las Moradas del Alma´(Marks of the soul) – Concert, 2nd April, 2007, Bilbao
  • Diversons, World Music Series: Manuel de Falla Auditorium – Concert, 17th February, 2007, Granada
  • Festival of Mystic Music – Concert, 15th December, 2006, Barcelona
  • World Music Festival, Diversons – Concert, 7th de October, 2006 Castellón de la Plana (Valencia)
  • Autumn Festival, Jerez / Al’Andalous Exhibition – Concert, 22nd September, 2006, Jerez de La Frontera (Andalucia)
  • World Music Festival, Diversons – Concert, 6th September, 2006, Gijon (Asturias)
  • World Music Festival, Diversons – Concert, 12th August 2006, Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz)
  • ‘Summer Nights’ World Music Festival – 2 Concerts, CaixaForum, 9th August, 2006, Barcelona
  • Festival of Religious World Music – Concert, Placa dels Jujats, 5th de July, 2006, Girona
  • World Music Festival and “Al-Andalous” Exhibit, Diversons Eivissa – Municipality of Ibiza, 8 p.m., 10th of June, 2006, Ibiza
  • 100th Anniversary of the Port of Algeciras, Diversons World Music Festival – el 24thMay, 2006, Algeciras. (Andalucia)
  • 10th Festival of World Music , Diversons – Caixa Forum, Barcelona, October 2005
  • 6th Annual European Day of Jewish Culture : Gastronomy: Origin, Love y Devocion Plaza del Rei, Barcelona, September 2005
  • Exile – Concert, Centre Bonastruc ça Porta, Gerona (Barcelona) August 2005
  • Peace and Coexistence – Concert Gothic Quarter, Sant Felip Neri, Barcelona, May 2005
  • VI Tribos Ibéricas – New Tribes: Women Who Come from Afar –mini’tour Concerts: Santiago de Compostela, University Gustavo Freire Auditorium, Lugo – Galicia, Spain, January, 2005
  • Hommage to Maimónides – Concert, University of Barcelona, Paranimf, Barcelona – Noviembre 2004
  • 5th Annual European Day of Jewish Culture, National Museum of Art and History, MNAC, National Palace, Sept.’04 Barcelona
  • Forum 2004: Parliament of Religions : «Exiliados», concert of Diasporic Sefardi/Mizrahi Music, Barcelona, July 2004