Joe Lewis




Actor and director of Spanish-American origins Joe Lewis (Nashville, 1972) has been working since 2000 on dubbing, film, theater and music projects, some of them award-winning. He has recently narrated the English version of Irene Solà’s international hit «Canto jo, i la muntanya balla» (Tantor, 2022), and also in Spanish, the recent autobiography of pianist James Rhodes «Made in Spain» (Penguin, 2021) . He interprets in English and Spanish, for various literary genres, from crime novels or

fantasy, to children’s or adventure stories, also for other publishers such as Macmillan, Podium and Findaway. Joe is an avid and energetic character builder who adds layers of depth and subtlety to his narrative interpretation. He is also a published bilingual author/translator; an accent-dialect specialist and coach; and also directs for dubbing,

documentary and cartoons. Most recently, Joe has played characters for series on Disney TV, Discovery Kids, and Apple TV; he has been awarded a Voice Arts Award (2021), and is a five-time nominee for the One Voice Awards UK & USA (2020-22).



YOUR LIFE IS NOW Billy Dir. Santiago Semino, 2016 ESCAC

THE PLACE IS NOW Vagabond Dir. Garik Wiskin, 2015 Independent

APICALYPSE Odin Dir. Karina Matas, 2015 Dedo en el Ojo

FOE Max Dir. Antoni Solé, 2013 Goldstern Media

GRAND PIANO Double Bassist Dir. Eugenio Mira. 2012 Magnolia/Nostromo

THE BIRTH of a NEW YIN YANG Fred Dir. Rubén Jiménez. 2012 Independent

RESCATE Dafoe Dir. Santiago Lapeira. 2009 Euroimages

VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA Dinner Guest Dir. Woody Allen. 2008 Mediapro

TUBESTATION Goon Dir. Paco Giménez. 2008 Independent

NUMERO 21 Pelayo Dir. Marc Laorden. 2007 Independent




NOW and THEN Taxi Driver Dir. Carlos Sedes, 2021 Apple TV

CANNABIS The Italian Dir. Lucie Borleteau, 2016 Netflix /

ANGELS i SANTS Double Bassist Dir. Pau Freixas, 2005 TV3 / Fair Play



EGO; Pablo & The Appleheads; Ensamble Tepuy; La Hostia; Princes of Time; No Quiero Rosas, Sora.



A HOUSE IN ASIA Young Marine Dir. Alex Serrano, 2014 (Silver Lion, Biennale Venice)

DAVID COPPERFIELD Music Composer Dir. Sue Flack, Teatre Nau Ivanow, 2014

VILLON, LES BALADES Musician (live/stage) Dir. Victor Obiols, Teatre del Raval, 2011

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Musician (live/pit) Dir. Joshua Zamrycki, Teatre Poblenou, 2004

VOICE ACTING (selection) (*) Goya Awarded

HAMSTER & GRETTEL Raul Dir. Sara Sherman, 2022 Disney

FURIOZA Irish Smuggler Dir. Oriol Rafel, 2022 Netflix

PAN de LIMON con SEMILLAS de AMAPOLA Mathias Dir. Pep Antón Muñoz, 2022 Filmax

BA DA BEAN Master Pelota Dir. Michael Hack, 2021 Discovery Kids

THE LAST FICTION Afaridoon Dir. Ashkan Rahgozar, 2018 Rising Sun Media

QUEEN OF SPADES Andrey Dir. Pavel Lungin, 2016 20th Century Fox

PANCHO, the millionaire dog Alberto (I. Massagué) Dir. Tom Fernandez, 2015. Atresmedia.

WEINBERG (series) Mathias Schreiber Dir. Till Franzen, 2015. TNT, Germany.

CLOUDY w/ CHANCE of MEATBALLS 2 Flinty McCallahan Dir. Cody Cameron, 2013 Sony Animation

REC Pablo (POV) Dir. Jaume Balagueró, 2007 (*) Filmax

LOS BORGIA Jofré Borgia (E. Azorín) Dir. A. Hernández, 2006 Planeta

PÉREZ, The Hairy Tooth Fairy Pipo (Diego Gentile) Dir. J.P. Buscarini, 2006 (*) Filmax

DONKEY XOTE Rucio (versión orig.) Dir. Josep Pozo, 2007 (*) Filmax

REGRESO A MOIRA Tomás (JJ Ballesta) Dir. Mateo Gil, 2006 Filmax/Tele5



Chubbuck & Meisner techniques @ Actor’s Workshop Bcn with Frank Feys. Voicework with Catherine Fitzmaurice.

Film acting with Luci Lenox & Pep Armengol. Rhapsody with Coralina Colom. Voice dubbing with Núria Mediavilla.

B.A. International Relations, Minor in German, College of Wooster (’94). Scholarship Berklee College of Music (’95).



Trilingual English, Spanish & Catalan -Basic French, German, Italian & Portuguese. Accent imitator.

Professional live & studio musician and composer with 20+ years of experience. Refs:

Sports: track, soccer (midfield), squash, skiing (reds). Martial Arts: Aikido (5th Kyu), Judo (blue).