Joe López


Joe studied theatre while he was in high school, at the “Ateneu de Cerdanyola” theatre school with teachers from the “Institut del Teatre”. After completing the three-year course, in which he learned acting, voice, acrobatics, clown and makeup, Joe joined the “ATAC” theatre company with which he performed various street shows and children’s theatre for several years.

During his college studies in Communication and his early years as a marketer, Joe put his dedication to acting on hold. But he returned to it by taking several acting courses in front of the camera with prestigious filmmakers such as Judith Collell or Esteve Rovira. It was then that he decided to formalize his vocation and took the course advancing in interpretation at the “El Timbal” school.

After that course Joe intensified his dedication to the acting profession. He became part of the casting of the play «Molière» by the «Jove Companyia de Teatre en Vers de Barcelona», participating with that play at the «Festivers» Festival in Barcelona. He also decided to carry out his own interpretation projects with the creation of the theatre company «Atabalat» with which he has carried out several projects with great public success: M.O.N.Ò.L.E.G., Oh God (a comedy) and «Desaparecida (Missing)».

In front of the camera Joe has made more than 40 national and international commercials and participated in a large number of short films. His participation in the Isabel Coixet film «Elisa y Marcela» and in the last season of «Merlí Sapere Aude» stand out.



13-18 years

  • 3 years at “Escola de Teatre de l’Ateneu de Cerdanyola” with teaching staff from the “Institut del Teatre”.
  • Voice, Body expression, Acrobatics, Make-up, Clown … I joined the stable theatre company “ATAC Teatre” for the realization of various works, basically children’s theatre and street performances

19-22 years

  • With “ATAC Teatre” we represent:
    – “Blancarosa sirena de la mar blava”. Children’s Theater.
    – “Foll trot”. Multidisciplinary street show.
    – “Dol d’alivio”. Farce in 1 act by Santiago Rusiñol.
    – Presentation of Carnival parties, Inauguration Acts and local entertainment performances.
    – Participation in several amateur short films
    – Responsible for the theatre subject at Cerdanyola II high school.

31-47 years

  • Participation in more than 40 national and international commercials and modelling exclusively for advertising.
  • Participation in different short filsm for amateur filmmakers from the “ESCAC” and “UIC”.
  • Course of interpretation in front of the camera with Judith Colell. EÒLIA
  • Course of interpretation in front of the camera with Esteve Rovira. SET D’ACCIÓ

47- Present

  • I continue to participate in advertising campaigns and first forays into fiction
    • “Marcela y Elisa”. Film directed by Isabel Coixet
    • “Sapere Aude”. Season 3. Series directed by Menna Fité
  • Advanced theatrical performance course in “El Timbal” (2018)
  • Art Comedy Course at “El Timbal” (2019)
  • Participation in the “Festival Festivers” from Catalonia with the play “Molière” interpreting Gatamaula with the “Jove Companyia de teatre en vers de Barcelona”.
  • Foundation of the theatre company “ATABALAT TEATRE” with which 3 creations have already been represented in various venues in Barcelona.
    • “M.O.N.Ò.L.E.G.”
    • Oh, God. A Woody Allen Comedy
    • “Desaparecida” (Missing)