Judith Selena


Judith is a half British, half Spanish actress born in Barcelona.

she started acting at the age of 8 at a local theatre school and kept going ever since . Acting, together with singing and other forms of art like dancing and drawing  have become really important pillars in her life .

She took her drama A Levels in the Uk, and back in Barcelona she studied in KinoBarna , FrankStein Studio and the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona .

She has worked professionally in various theatre productions but has always had this strong passion film acting.

“Through art I feel like I can truly be myself , I can express all of those things that I cannot in my day to day life and it makes me feel alive.”

ALTURA 161 | PECHO 85 | CINTURA 66 | CADERA 94 | TALLA ROPA 36 | AMERICANA 36/38 |  CALZADO 39 | OJOS Azul verdoso | CABELLO Rubio osc.


2014-2017.  Musical theatre adaptation of “a Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Charater: beggar. Missionary. Spirit of the Ppresent. Withe the company from Barcelona, SIM SALABIM.

2017-2018. Musical Theatre adaptation in English of “Sherlock Holmes”. Character: Mary Smith/Maria López. With the company from Barcelona, VEUS VEUS.

2018. Caos d’Empeus/  Chaos Debout by Veronique Olmi (translation to Catalan by Josep Maria Vidal). Character: Kàtia. Director: Pilar Pla.

2020.Exopolitics. feature film. Director: Gilles Gambino. Prod: Kinobarna Productions. Psycologist, secondary role

Short movie:

2013. Short movie: Pols. By Escena 0, main character

Brockwood Park School. Hampshire, England.

2011. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. By William Shakespeare. Character: Hermia

2012. King Lear. By William Shakespeare. Character: Duke of Kent.

Aula de teatre de Mataró. MATARÓ, Spain.

2013. El Temps i els Conways / Time and the Conways by J.B.Priestly. Character.Madge.

2014. Roberto Zucco. By Bernard-Marie Coltes. Character: the girl.

Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain.

2016. Adaptation of Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen. Character: Hedda Gabler.

2017. Ganivets a les Gallines/ Knives in Hens by David Harrower. Character: young lady.

2017. Treball d’amor Perduts / Love Labours Lost  by William Shakespeare. Character: Caterina / Katheryn.