Marcel Mondrià


I am going to tell you a story of a guy I know very well… who after a decade dedicated exclusively to high performance sports as if he were a monk,

Marcel began to ask for his artistic side, he had always been a movie fan, movies like The Pianist or Mystic River had made a dent in him, which had always been present, and it was not until 2019 and chance wanted it to be concretely in one of the cities of the seventh art as is New York where he saw a scene between Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy that opened his eyes, added to that then he was reading the autobiography of Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen «who would become his musical inspiration and would make him start learning guitar and singing, achieving a remarkable level, later he would meet Bruce in person and would go to several of his concerts in different countries». Marcel had decided that he also wanted to be as deep in people as those artists had been in him… and that could only be achieved in one way… by being an artist,

So he decided that it was time to train himself on a vital level, since in the last 10 years he had only lived for his physical performance without knowing anything else, it was time to move… it was time to travel… his eagerness to participate in war movies took him to go to countries in conflict like Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Kosovo… he was in Bedouin weddings in Jordan… he talked to people who live in caves, he crossed the pond to Australia. He was in Bedouin weddings in Jordan… he talked to people who lived in caves, crossed the pond to Australia… to date he has been in more than 37 countries, with all that entails, all this he did not stop watching interviews, reading biographies such as Marlon Brando, Matthew McCounaghey, Bob Dylan, noting and internalizing what they said…

Marcel admired them a lot… they had managed to touch people with their performances… He trained with casting director Luci Lenox, never stopped playing the guitar, participated in several short films and commercials, waiting to get a chance in fiction.

ALTURA 1.83 | AMERICANA 50 | PANTALON 38/40 | CALZADO 39 | OJOS Marrones | CABELLO Castaño ocs


-SCP Foundation by Ivan Sokolovskiy 2020

-Adeu Mateu – Albert Muns 2020

-Red Sparrow -Leo Alfonso 2021

-S.A.R.A by Juan Manuel Martinez 2020-21

-Las últimas de la fila by Daniel Arévalo «netflix» 2021

-Cyber Punk by Devon-Taylor 2022


-Moral Discourse by Alfie Solomons 2018

-Stabbed in the back -Deduction 2019

-Interrogation of Joker 2019

-Motivational speech to the American-Jewish soldiers 2019