Mat Cruz


My learning process as an actor, since 2012, is based on the following teachers;

3 Years Diploma in Dramatic Art
La Casona, with Fernando Griffell, 2nd Stanislavski Method

2 Years at SilberStudio
Training in front of the camera, with Pablo Silber and Virginia García

More than 10 intensive courses between Spain and USA
LuciLenox, (Vicky, Cristina and Barcelona), Pep Armengol (Pà Negre), Tonucha Vidal (Globomedia, Mediapro), Scott David (Criminal  iMinds), Jane Jenkins (Harry Potter), David Victori in The Marketing of the Actor, amongst others!

5 special ingredients
On the other hand, there are 5 special ingredients that I believe add something distinct to this rice:

1. Dancing: Integration of the body
Between the ages of 7 and 12 years old I was a professional Ballroom Dancer, and I still dance to this day. Hence the integration of the body is like a necessity for me.

2. Ballroom Competition: The Challenge of Releasing Emotions and Overcoming Fear
In order to compete I needed to use my emotions and always give one more extra «something» to surprise the jury, who was very demanding. After a year of always being last, and working intensely with my partner to change those results, we managed to win 33 trophies keeping the 1st place in the ranking of the Spanish Federation (FEBD) for 2 seasons. This experience allowed me to run a dance school for 5 years since the age of 17, teaching Salsa and Bachata, from which I keep a very special memory.

3. Hypnosis: When I learned about Suggestion
It seems unbelievable, but my final Baccalaureate work was about Hypnosis, eventually hypnotizing several people. (I still keep the DVDs, so you can ask me about them, or I could try it with you!). What I learned after 2 years of hours of videos, books and trial-and-error was that an imaginary stimuli can be suggested to the mind and the mind can believe it if it feels safe. I think autosuggestion can be a valuable tool for acting, although very difficult to achieve. It took me 2 years to hypnotize someone, literally 1 week before turning in the final Dossier to the teachers. Until then I had only recorded myself with a hypodermic needle going through my hand. But I called some friends because I was unsatisfied that I hadn’t succeeded and I hypnotized them. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! And to think that I was almost convinced that hypnosis was a trick of magicians …

4. Magic: Experiencing Psychology and Entertainment
I was a professional magician for 6 years. Yeah, I know, I’m like a circus. If you enter my website you can see a video. Something that movies and magic have in common, is that in both cases you have to entertain the audience. Let’s say that those 6 years of learning from teachers in the world of magic forced me to see if my tricks were entertaining or not. Especially the summer that I performed magic tricks on the streets of London, I realised that people are not going to pay attention to you unless you earn it. At the time I found it extremely difficult because some people insulted me, laughed at me and almost everybody would ignore me. But I kept trying and I ended up working regularly until one day I performed at a private show where the husband wanted to surprise his wife with a new car. And who made the car appear? Well not me, but I did surprise her with the keys. She was so happy!

5. La Masia: Actors Laboratory
Since 2015, when I co-founded the Production Company La Masia Reels, we have been shooting every month. Learning from our mistakes, rehearsing with actors, researching new techniques, shooting my own scenes. Quite an adventure. Not easy, but when great friends are working together everything becomes a little more possible. Also, it serves us to stay active, keep learning and stay motivated!

ALTURA 1.70 | CAMISA 38 | AMERICANA 48 | PANTALON 38 | CALZADO 41 | OJOS Marrones | CABELLO Castaño


Mat made his film debut with «Natasha» (2014) by Sandeep Raisinghani and in 2016 played a supporting role in «Puppet Master: Axis Termination«, one of the feature films of the saga directed by Charles Band in Los Angeles, CA.

He was optioned for playing a lead in the HBO’s TV Movie «Virtuoso» and also in 2016 played a supporting character for the new Diesel International Campaign with Boyd Holbrook («Narcos«, Netflix). In 2019 he made his debut in two Spanish TV Series, «Estoy Vivo» TVE, and «Vis a Vis, El Oasis» FOX TV.