Samuel Allan


Samuel is half English half Cypriot. He fell in love with acting when he was just a kid performing in local stage productions.

As he got older he discovered he enjoyed acting in front of the camera even more.

At university in the U.K., Samuel studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance before moving to Spain to work professionally as an actor.

Living in different countries has offered him all kinds of opportunities to learn how the industry works internationally and to pick up new performance techniques.

For him, nothing beats the excitement of reading a new script and preparing for a role.

Aside from acting, he’s also passionate about writing scripts, and learning more about the production side of both Film and Theatre.

He also enjoys filling his weeks with Improv, Stand-up Comedy, Sketching and Cycling



1997-2002           Chorus                     Pantomimes                                 Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2003                    Mike                         The Queen Must Die                   Antidote Theatre

2003                    Billy Bumpkin           Dick Turpin                                  Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2004                    Cello                         The Musicians                             Antidote Theatre

2004                    Flute                         Midsummer Night’s Dream        Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2005                    Trinculo                    The Tempest                               Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2005                    Taylor                       Mugged                                      Antidote Theatre

2006                    Haemon                   Antigone                                    Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2006                    Sebastian                 Twelfth Night                             Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2006                    Dan                          Totally Over You                         Antidote Theatre

2008                    Melchior                  Spring Awakening                      Millais Theatre

2011                    Anthony Marston    And then there were none         Anglo Cypriot Theatre

2014                    Waiter/Detective     Cambrers                                    Teatre de Retiro

2014                    The King                  Snow White                                SETC

2015                    Various roles           Tin Soldier                                   Theatre4Schools

2015                    The emperor           Emperor’s New Suit                    Theatre4Schools

2016                    Happy Customer     Cabaret Variety Show                 SETC

2016                    Shame                     Andreas/Rudolf Hess                 Project B

2023                    Alan                         An Innocent Little Murder         The Comedy Clubhouse

2023                    Dave/Steve              Almost, Maine                            Bluebook Theatre



2004                     Sim                           Malgaat                                  Clockwork Pictures

2006                     Man In Café             Fractured                                Minds Eye Films

2010                     Pierre                       Just wanna be F*cked             Southampton Solent

2013                     Best Friend              See what I Mean                     Ilyanna Kerr

2015                     Lead Character       Quotidian Displacement         Tara Tate TM

2015                     Fed                          7:34                                        Afilm

2017                     Attacker                  Subconcious                           Afilm

2018                     Franco                     Desfiguración                         Paulina Collard

2019                     Lead male               Drowning                                Dedkndy

2019                     Willie                      Stranger than Paradise            Manuel Gonzalez

2022                     Sam                        Teacher                                    ABA English


2007                     Avros                      Gorillas                                       Seahorse Productions

2015                     Detective assist.     Maniac Tales                               Kandale Films

2023                     Agent B                  Art E Fact                                    SYNCANDI studio


2016                      Trench coat agent            The K2                          Ice Cream Productions


2018-19                 Narrator                          Various Projects            CRP Recording studios


2 Accents: Queen’s English, South London, Australian, Standard Irish, Standard Scottish, New Zealand, Greek, French, South African, Standard American, Southern American, Californian American, Russian, German

Spoken languages: English(Native), Spanish(Intermediate), Greek(Elementary)

Skills: Stage Combat, Improvisation, Volleyball, Cycling, Badminton, Swimming, Yoga & Pilates, Illustration, Driving. Experienced worker with children

Singing: Baritone.

Vocal training in Solo singing.


  • 2:1 Performance(BA) at Southampton Solent University
  • British Stage and Screen Combat: Actor/Combatant
  • Guildhall School Of Music and Drama Examinations:

Grade 6 (High honors),7( Honors),8 (Honors)

Critical Review:

Nominated for Best Newcomer by Daily Echo Newspaper for its Curtain Call Awards.

“Spring Awakening. Solent University Performing Arts. Sam Allan has the gift of conveying layers of meaning without any telegraphing or fuss and gives a passionate, moving performance of great promise.”