Sebastian Montecino


Sebastian Montecino Romanini (Santiago de Chile August 5, 1981) is a Chilean actor based in Barcelona since 2004. When he was a child he showed interest in different artistic disciplines: acting, singing and dancing and also in learning English. All the films he used to watch were American or English (bad guys sound better in English).

After starting to study theater acting in Chile, he moved to Barcelona, where after trying to work in other areas, chose to continue his studies in different acting schools, acting laboratories and workshops, most of these focused on acting for film technique. Since then, he has participated in several feature and short films.

ALTURA 1.75 | CAMISA 42 | AMERICANA 48 | PANTALON 40 | CALZADO 42 | OJOS Marrones | CABELLO Castaño


WISHES AND REGRETS – Pedro Written & Directed by Sebastian Montecino

E-OS – Dr. Lewis, Directed by Sebastian Montecino

TRIGGER HAPPY – John, Written & Directed by Sebastian Montecino

EL PACTO – Scientific Police, Directed by David Victori

TITO IL PICCOLO – Cammo Dude, Directed by Paola Randi

NO MIRES EL FACEBOOK DE TU PAREJA – Fran, Directed by Joan Planas

THE BEASTS – Koke, Directed by Marco Huertas

UN FINAL PARA ODILO – Odilo, Directed by Fran Agulló

REGRESSION – Dr. Breuner, Directed by Joan Frank Charansonnet

RODANT PEGASUS – Stanley, Directed by Joan Frank Charansonnet, Rubén Vilches

SAGA ONÍRICO: VÍNCULOS – Ricardo, Directed by Alfonso Morales

M. J.: CONTROVERSIA Y FASCINACIÓN – Tito, Directed by Alexandro Tunnerman

C. V. PROJECT – Ivan, Directed by Dmitry Fursov


FUGITIVA – Ricardo, Directed by Belén Macías, Antonio Cuadri., Televisión Española, TV1.

SIN IDENTIDAD – Seguridad, Directed by Joan Noguera. Antena 3