Stephan Wiks


Born Stéphan Nikolaï Wikaryjak (Montreal 1969).

Speaks fluent French, English and Spanish

He landed his first gig at the age of twelve, doing character voices and touring for a Puppet Theatre company.

During the 80’s, he performed Improvisation and studied Fine Arts.

In the 90’s, he performed on stage with various Underground Music bands, and studied Creative Writng, and Audiovisual, and eventually earned a university diploma in Literary Studies. He also worked as a freelance Video Editor until 1998.

He settled in Barcelona in 1999, and the following year, rapidly became a professional Street Performer. Blending Mime, Clown, and Living Statue, his one-man shows have had great success with street crowds, earning prizes throughout Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland and Israel, and at the Just for Laughs (Montreal 2002) Since 2011, he has also performed on stage as a Theatre Actor  in various plays, notably with Jocular Theatre and the Tremayne Theatre Company (with which he earned “The Sir Micheal Caine Drama Award” at the 2015 Leatherhead Drama Festival.

He currently performs Comedy and Drama, and Voice Acting for Film, TV, Theatre, and various other projects…



«Marlowe»by Neil Jordan, Feature Film, 2023.

«La Chica de Nieve» (The Snow Girl), by David Ulloa and Laura Alvea, Netflix Series, 2023.

«Un Hombre de Acción» (A Man of Action), by Javier Ruiz Caldera, Netflix Film, 2022.

«Pocos, Buenos y Seguros», by Gorka Lasaosa y Ales Paya, Short, 2022.

«Ombligo», by José Val Bal, Feature Film, 2021.

“Gormiti” (Voice Actor, English version), TV Series (Animation), 2017- 2020.

«Confinement Days», by Stephan Wiks, Short, 2020.

«El Casting», by Guillermo Rivas, Short, 2020.

«Les Retrouvailles», by Guillem Manzanares, Web Series, 2019.

“Centro Médico” (episode 8.71A), TVE, TV Series, 2018.

“Meiying MG-01”, by Adrià Guxens, Short, 2018.

«A Vulture’s Story», by Enrique Perales, Short, 2018.

“Window to our world (The Cornerstone Partnership)”, by Ben Perry, Short, 2017.

“Laura”, by Emilia Patiño Carreño, Short, 2017.

“La Regla Son De Los Padres”, by Carmen A. Mier, Short, 2017.

“All I See Is You”, by Marc Forster, Feature Film, 2017.

“Sombra Aquí, Sombra Allá”, by Marta Font, Short, 2016.

“Assholess”, by Carles Hortola Marín, Short, 2015.

“Ahora o Nunca”, by Maria Ripoll, Feature Film, 2015.

“El Almacén” by Aleix Alabadí, Short, 2014.

«Cheetah Girls 2» by Kenny Ortega, Disney Channel Movie, 2005.

«Manu Chao – La Rumba de Barcelona», by Carlos Larrondo, Music Video, 2002.


«The Phantom of the Opera», Chambers Theatre Company (Transeduca S.L.), 2022/2023

“Almost, Maine”, by John Cariani, Jocular Theatre Company, 2015.

“The Gazer Into the Abyss”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2015.

“Marie’s Crisis Café”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2014-2015

(Special Mention Actor, “The Sir Micheal Caine Drama Award”).

“Faust Food”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2015.

“The Truth”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2014.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, by Shakespeare, ETGB, 2014.

“Ives’ Shorts”, by David Ives, Jocular Theatre Company, 2012.

“Vermillion Wine”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2012.

“The 13th witness”, Tremayne Theatre Company, 2011.

“God” by Woody Allen, 12X12 Theatre Company, 2011.



Entertainer, MC and Comedic Actor in Street Performances, Popular Fairs, Festivals, Cabarets and Private Events (2000-2020) in over thirty cities around Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Holland, and Canada (Montreal Just for Laughs).



International Casting with Kimberly Graham

Chubbuck Technique with Frank Feys (accredited)

Voice/Accent Training with Anne Walsh

Meisner Technique with Javier Galitó-Cava (Spain)

Acting for screen with Mel Churcher