Tracy Scott


Born in Scotland, Tracy is above all an adventuress- as a child, she travelled the world with her father, a member of the Royal Air Force, from Nairobi to England to New Zealand, even having sailed around the world.

Upon returning to England, Tracy married and had two lovely children, as well as a successful career as an Early Years teacher, certified through The Open University UK.

Having been brought up in Africa, and seeking to expose her children to different cultures, Tracy decided to move to Barcelona and bring them up in the sun.

Now that her children are grown, she’s decided to follow her dreams, and became an actress. A firm believer that it´s never too late, she trained at Afilm Studio in Sitges and through their production company, began accepting increasingly challenging roles in feature films.

Her first supporting role was as a Early Years teacher in The Supers (also a Sitges International Film Festival premier). Next, she brought Chief Montero to life in the award-winning feature, (Best Neo Noir Thriller, Los Angeles Crime Festival 2020) The Odd Perspective.

Next Tracy played Dr. Ura in another award-winning thriller, The Anarchist’s Dream (Best Feature Film at Norway’s Sea of Art International Film Festival and Best Thriller Award at Paris International Film Awards).

You can catch Tracy in the upcoming feature, The Internationalist, shot throughout Spain and Australia, as Agnes Mason, a nurse from New Zealand fighting in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Tracy has just finished filming her most challenging role to date, playing a leading role, as Meri, a Finnish Mermaid entrepreneur, in the feature film, “Awakening- A Mermaid’s Tale.



THE LAST CINEMA. Feature. 2024. Barcelona. In Production. Afilm Studio Production.

Directed Yolanda Torres. Starring Sam Jones, Rob McLaughlin, Tracy Scott,

Joshua Brisa, Arnau Gol

THE INTERNATIONALIST. Feature. 2024. Australia. Spain. In post production. Starring

Matthew Laird, Liz Blackett, Sanna Toivanen, Brittany Field.

3 BILLION. Feature 2024. Spain. In post production.

Afilm Studio production. Directed by Yolanda Torres. Starring Tosca Bell,Rob MacLaughlin,

Tracy Scott, Lucia Saavedra

AWAKENING: A Mermaids Tale. Feature. 2023. Barcelona. Produced by Afilm Studio

Directed Yolanda Torres. Starring Sanna Toivanen, Fran Lopez, Tracy Scott

Best Thriller, Cannes Film Awards, Best Feature Los Angeles’ International Motion Picture

Awards, Best Thriller Budapest Film Festival, Best Thriller International Film Festival Vienna,

International Motion Picture Awards, Finalist European Cinematography Awards, Best

Cinematography Indo Japan Independent Film Festival, Nominee Best Picture  The Atlantis

Awards, Best Underwater Cinematography European Cinematography Awards, Finalist,

Stockholm City Film Festival, Sea of Art Festival, Official Selection Barcelona Indie

Filmmakers Festival, Geneva International Film Festival

THE ANARCHISTS DREAM. Feature. 2022. Afilm Studio production. Barcelona

Starring Henry Thompson, Lucia Saavedra.

Best Thriller Budapest Film Festival, Best Fantasy Feature Berlin Film Awards, Best

Thriller Cannes Awards, Best Feature Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Best

Feature Sea of Art, Best Thriller Paris International Film Awards

THE ODD PERSPECTIVE. Feature. 2020. Directed by Yolanda Torres.

Produced by Afilm Studio. Barcelona. Starring Christopher Hunter, Arne

Gottschling. Best NeoNoir Thriller Los Angeles Crime Film Festival, London International Film Awards,               Aphrodite Film Awards, Palma de Mallorca International Films in Fest Festival, Stockholm City Film

Festival, Legacy Film Club Toronto, Ostia International Film Festival, Seville International Action Film

Festival, New Indie Film Festival London

THE SUPERS. Feature. 2017, Premier, Sitges International Film Festival

Afilm Studio Production. Starring Sarah Tyler, Ross Ellis, David Chevers.

Barcelona. Directed by Yolanda Torres.



Afilm International Film Workshops – Actors Studio. Sitges Barcelona



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